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excellent article! i think this is one of your best yet.


Thanks Roger!

Dan in Philly

The Oregon plays were all straight option, but Chip has shown he can incorporate any run option with an NFL passing attack.
Very interesting.


Chip will use any formation at any time. Sometimes, he'll pull it out once and then you don't see it again for a couple of years. It's one more thing for teams to have to gameplay for and it's one more thing he can use to get an advantage on the field.
You might not see the Pistol again this year. On the other hand, he might use it for a full game at week 5. You never know. That's why it's fun.


Sorry, one more thing:

Everybody thinks Nick Fairley destroyed the Oregon o-line in the National Championship game. However, while Fairley did play well, and he did beat a couple/few blocks, many of his more noticeable plays came when he was unblocked ie: the read defender.

It seems that Chip figured the best way to block him was to not block him at all. It might have worked, too, Darron Thomas (QB) had been quicker with his decisions. There was a drive in the first quarter that was stopped when Darron Thomas was sacked by Nick Fairley on a zone read play. If he had handed the ball off, Lamichael James would have walked in for a TD.

Again, Nick Fairley was explosive and quick to get into the backfield. He played very well. However, in my opinion (which doesn't mean much), he wasn't as "dominant" as the media portrayed him.


Great read, Ryan.

And curious if this will keep the TE free from having to block the crashing DE, as Casey did (well) last year. I do think he's a good player, but don't see much of a role moving forward nor his presence in '15. Ertz hopefully becomes the star Vick prognosticated, and Burton looks like a fun little toy for Kelly.



I think all these things are "tools in the toolbox" as Chip likes to say and I think we will stick with the split zone play with the sift block.

That's one of he great things about Chip's scheme. We obviously love inside zone, but the beauty is taking basic football concepts and dressing them up different ways by adding wrinkles like read option, packaged plays, different formations, motions, etc.

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