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Jordy has to learn to follow his blocks even though he's faster than all of them. Let it develop!


Wonder if you could design a cutback option off of this... have the backside guard (Mathis) and center (Kelce) peel to the backside to create a channel down the center. I'm cherry-picking the second-to-last screenshot here but the playside guard and tackle seem to have things under control against the DB's, and the DL is almost a non-factor, which might eliminate the need for ambush blocks.

Also, now that this is on tape, how about pumping the jailbreak and then reversing for a naked, backside screen? You still send the whole line as if it's a jailbreak but have the backside tackle engage his LB rather than run down the line and - provided the QB doesn't get killed - you've got McCoy or Sproles one on one against a deep safety. Run the jailbreak twice before with some success and you may not even have to block that LB.

Jason k

I'm pretty sure that same motion and look was displayed later on the screen pass to shady for the td. foles faked to Matthews and came back to shady.


Re: McCoy screen pass TD... Didn't Matthews just sprint to the flat from the backfield after the snap (versus motion)? And the line did the more traditional "pass block then release" to the playside. Also, I think the McCoy screen happened before this jailbreak look but not sure...

Kevin (RealCrippler)

Jordan's fearlessness is essential on this. He's more north-south and taking what the defense gives him. No other WR on the roster, except for maybe Huff who we haven't seen, can do this. Whenever Matthews motions, teams are going to be on alert for the quick-screen. The real winner for this will be Brent Celek, who excels at blocking first then releasing, if LBs key on the in-motion Matthews or keeping eyes on Shady.


The McCoy TD was a different look and design that we used plenty last year. I'll cover it a little later, but we often sent Desean in motion out of the backfield which also tipped man or zone coverage and then ran the screen to the opposite side of the play:



Thanks for covering this play, it definitely stood out in the game.

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