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So the point is to dominate LBs?


I'm not sure I clearly understand the definition of versatile. I mean, TE's by their very nature are versatile in the fact that they can block on the line of scrimmage or go out and catch a pass.

I think what makes players like Ertz versatile isn't that they have great pass catching ability-lots of TEs use their body well to shield off defenders. I think you showed this but didn't quite spell it out- what makes Ertz versatile is he can play inside, out wide or in the slot just as effectively. While going against a LB he can create mismatches based on speed (with size not becoming a liability) and while going against a DB he can create mismatches based on size (with speed not becoming a liability). Even better will be if he develops into an allstar blocker in the running and screen game (I think he's decent in the screen game already).


Mike, most TEs being drafted now are coming in to be primarily receivers. That doesn't change the versatility that Ertz has in that he can block, can play out wide, or play in the slot. The blocking will take practice, but he is already close in only his second year. Jimmy Graham is a beast who can't block. TEs are now being required to be good route runners and versatile. Ertz just gets extra love because he is doing so well already in only 1 year of NFL experience. Also his skill set allows versatility in use. He is clean enough on routes that he can run past LBs and box out CBs. The way I see it is that a year ago, I never thought I would say that someone is closing in on Celek's ability, an all time favorite Eagle for me and I would be the first to argue that he is one of the best TEs in the game. There were two types of TEs, Ertz just is showing that Celek wasn't a gift from God.

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