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One other point that I thought of immediately when I read that article on NFL.com is that the arguments Rosenthal makes about a QB friendly system with great pass protection would hold up the previous season when despite a destroyed offensive line and a pass heavy (mostly deep passes to DeSean) offense was run under Andy. Some changes were made, but that doesn't change that Foles was asked to play as if he were Vick and still had some success in his first season. No doubt he benefited from a great OL, a heavy run scheme, and focus on short and intermediate routes, but that doesn't mean he is Tim Tebow simply making it work.


Rolando McClain? That definitely wasn't him that bit on the pump fake. He didn't even play last year, let alone for Oakland.


He meant Kevin Burnett.


Really appreciate your hard work and time spent for this web site to be as informative as it is. This is an excellent site, and thank you for educating me. Coach Kelly's Offense moves so quickly, that my eyes just can't take it all in sometimes. You're an intelligent person, and I hope you keep this site alive for many years to come!


Nick does not get enough credit for his toughness. Holding the ball to make plays means you take a ton of hits. He's the anti Eli Manning.


I don't see how someone who completed a lower percentage of his passes, had basically the same ypa but threw 2 picks was "mostly better". Why is it that everybody agrees turnovers are among the biggest factors in winning a game until it comes time to talk about Foles?


Once again Chip gets the credit for running plays that Foles can be successful with--yet Denver and Green Bay, et al, must be running plays that don't suit Manning's and Rodgers' skill sets?


If you remember Ryan, you actually wrote a post about Fole's uneven performance in that game entitled 'Dodging Bullets but the Streak Continues.

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