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The question that needs to be asked is what holes do the Fins have that we can fill? They seem to have a pretty potent pass rush as is, so would they really be interested in Brandon Graham? I don't remember hearing much about their running game last season. Would a package of #22 and Bryce Brown be more attractive?

Dan in Philly

I think you hit on the reason it might happen. Graham is not a versatile player, and it's likely that Jordon would give Kelly and Davis the players they want to keep a base package on the field, yet still be able to cover 5 receivers or a run play. In today's spread offense world, rushing the passer is important but if that's all you can do, you can be neutralized. The more players you have who can do everything well, the better.


What do you think about his value vs. Lane Johnson? (just to be clear, I'm not suggesting we trade Johnson)


What about Jackson for Jordan?


Personally, I like the Johnson pick. We needed to solidify that RT position and potentially the future of LT. But boy do I wish we could find a way to get Jordan. I just don't see the Dolphins giving up on him.

Obviously we have some decent trade chips in Jackson, Mathis, Graham and draft picks. Suggests to me that if the Eagles cant entice the Dolphins with a combination of those assets, he's not on the block.

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