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I really think Sproles will be a nice addition.

I do think it makes sense to draft a guy like DAT or Bruce Ellington to backup Sproles


I am not against drafting DAT, just pointing out that Sproles has a pretty unique skill set of his own that is not easily duplicated by other undersized, fast, running backs.

Dan in Philly

This analysis reminds me of something that I had forgotten last year, thank you. Chip's 1.5 second rule helps explain a whole lot, I think based on this mindset it makes sense that what Chip values more than most coaches in his receivers is good route running.

This may help explain why Jackson, for example, isn't really an ideal fit for Chip Kelly's offense, most (not all, but most) of his big play making comes from longer developing routes, and his ability to get open quickly isn't really his strength. Zach Ertz's draft profile stated that one of his main strengths is good route running and an ability to create separation quickly.

Chip's offense works best by getting the ball to players in space. Jackson does that well, but slowly and deep. I forsee us drafting a WR who can do that well more quickly and shallowly.

Fly fly fly

I think the 1.5 seconds context is talking about the quick passing game. It's impossible for the ball to get it that fast in the play action. I remember Shurmur saying last season after the Beoncos game that the Eagles needed to make adjustments in protection and that Vick wasn't holding the ball too long but in fact that the protection was breaking. As you pointed out Foles holds the ball longer than Vick and he can't extend the play as long as Vick can. I think the reason they hold the ball longer is because the run game is such a huge threat that the Eagles are able to run a lot of play action. The eagles don't do a lot f west coast, ball out quick passing concepts compared to other teams. The Eagles spread the field and attack the field better than any other team in the NFL which is why I think the whole 1.5 second thing has to do with the quick passes.


I'm interested in how many runs Sproles will have this year, I anticipate he'll be used primarily as a decoy/receiver/. I see him as the recipient of many bubble and quick screens but I'd like to see how many carries he'll have so that Shady doesn't have attempt all the carries even though he'd probably like to.

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